We invite you to study all interested entrepreneurs and persons planning to start their own business; accountants; economic graduates; students and all those who directly or indirectly use accounting in their work (financiers, economists, managers, etc.).

The proposed courses are talented, professional and interested individuals who have achieved successful results as professional experts in the field, as well as teachers of higher education.

Studies carried out in comfortable modern audiences in the heart of Ivano-Frankivsk. Together with relevant knowledge, skills and abilities of trainees will receive: a certificate (after passing the final test), educational materials, samples of all necessary documents, stationery for notes and the necessary card. The program also includes courses are always relevant legislative innovations.


Features of the course:

  • Learning takes place in small groups - personally oriented education;
  • using modern technology learning with multimedia equipment;
  • students provided printed educational materials, stationery for notes;
  • at least the theory and practice of maximum reflect business transactions in the "1S: Business";
  • of reporting program «MEDoc»;
  • After successfully passing the course the student will issue certificates;
  • training practices are specialists in accounting and HR administration.

Details and registration by phone:
(050) 713 80 32 Oksana

Flexible attend courses

Courses conducted at the University of King Danylo at:
Ivano-Frankivsk, street. E. Konovalets, 35