Third-year students at King Darling University received an exclusive opportunity to listen to a series of lectures and practical workshops based on the unique teaching methodology from the invited Italian expert.

Luke has an enormous experience in international intergovernmental organizations (NATO, Europol) and in special missions to Iraq and Afghanistan.

"The expert, according to a pre-agreed curriculum, will work with students on topical topics: the experience of the Italian police and the court in the fight against the mafia; International Humanitarian Law; EU and international organizations; the basis of Muslim law, etc. ", - noted the organizer of the mentioned binary classes, vice rector on international relations Rudak Tatiana.

Binary classes are an important form of implementation of integration training in higher education institutions, the purpose of which is to create conditions for the practical application of knowledge, skills and skills from various experts.

"I thank the invited specialist for an exciting lecture-presentation. Already at the first lesson was very informative, rich and interesting. We were told about the peculiarities of legal systems in countries that were participants in international conflicts ", - said the student of the University of King Danylo Alexander Nevgamonny.