Students of the Law Faculty of King Danylo University Solomiya Spasyuk and Valentin Lyalik won a brilliant victory in the competition for the Philip Jessup Third Summer School for International Public Law, which will be held from 1 to 8 in July 2018 year.

Among the lecturers and lecturers of the summer school are the best teachers and experts in the field of international public law from Great Britain, the USA and Germany.

"This summer school is aimed at improving knowledge of international law, as well as professional legal English. Students will have the opportunity, apart from lectures and practical classes, to take part in the mu-court and prepare for the next stage of the competition, which will start from next September. It was a fairly complex competition. Only the 25 applicants have been selected to attend the summer school, "says Tetyana Rudak, vice rector for international relations at the King Danil University.

The Philip Jessup International Public Law Competition is one of the largest and most prestigious in the world. Each year, students from legal faculties from more than 90 countries take part in this competition.

"Participation and victory in these competitions were a very ambitious goal for me. From intensive study at the summer school I expect to deepen knowledge of international law, the opportunity to work with foreign teachers and communicate with the rest of the winners from other universities ", - says UKC student Solomiya Spasyuk.