Courses for HR at the University of King Danylo help you get the basic and important knowledge base of labor legislation, HR administration, organize knowledge in this field and learn the basic rules for successful work in HR. Visiting classes, you never stop to develop, regularly get a lot of new skills.

The proposed courses are talented, professional and interested individuals who have achieved successful results as professional experts in the field, as well as teachers of higher education.

afisha_kadriStudies carried out in comfortable modern audiences in the heart of Ivano-Frankivsk. Together with relevant knowledge, skills and abilities of trainees will receive: a certificate (after passing the final test), educational materials, samples of all necessary documents, stationery for notes and the necessary card. The program also includes courses are always relevant legislative innovations.

Working with the staff of enterprises, institutions, schools begins with the recruitment process, the establishment of an employment relationship and continues until dismissal. Each such legal fact should be reflected in the relevant personnel documents. These courses are organized to help HR beginners, professionals staffing services companies, institutions, organizations and individuals who are combining to clerical personnel (secretaries, accountants, etc.), entrepreneurs and all those wishing to get acquainted with the modern classification of documents, acquire practical skills as properly prepare and maintain documentation personnel under the current labor legislation; the right to accept and dismiss employees; make correct entries in the employment records of workers and to protect the company from penalties for violation of labor laws.

The training program for HR includes the following topics:

  1. Appearance of the worker:
  • written or oral form of employment contract (as will be after the adoption of the Labor Code);
  • processing orders, making an entry in the workbook;
  • DFS subject to acceptance;
  • design a personal record cards and personal fax. L-2.
  1. HR outsourcing:
  • orders;
  • working time accounting table;
  • staff list;
  • reporting, which gives service personnel.
  1. Labor relations:
  • transferring (moving);
  • removal of the employee;
  • part-time (combination), fulfillment of duties of a temporarily absent employee.
  1. "Protected" categories of employees:
  • mobilized;
  • pregnant women persons with children under three years of age;
  • single parents;
  • disabled.
  1. Vacations:
  • annual (primary and secondary);
  • compensation for a vacation;
  • social holidays;
  • transfer, extension of leave;
  • vacations without saving of salary, provided obligatory and with the consent of the parties;
  • Changes to the Law on vacation.
  1. Assignment:
  • Regulations on business trips;
  • the order of;
  • travel abroad.
  1. Military records:
  • military commissioners message of acceptance and dismissal of military service;
  • filling in information on military records of personal cards f. L-2;
  • verification of personal cards f. L-2 military service with military commissariat.
  1. Social Insurance:
  • calculation of insurance;
  • registration of medical certificate (LF when not paid, error detection);
  • cooperation with the Fund
  1. Dismissal of employees:
  • design;
  • guarantees for some categories of workers;
  • the consent of trade unions;
  • calculation of severance pay.
  1. Interaction with inspecting bodies:
  • who can check human resources;
  • that can be checked;
  • Provisions fines.

Also relevant legislative innovations, including:

  • new order of an employment contract. Message acceptance DFS employees;

changes in legislation regarding the mobilization and mobilization training;

  • New procedure for calculating the average wage for payment of temporary disability payment procedure and the first five days of temporary disability by the employer;
  • increased minimum wages and new penalties for payment of wages in the envelope.

Details and recording by phone:
096 812 41 84 Lesya Romanova.

Flexible attend courses
Courses are at the University of King Danyla at:
Ivano-Frankivsk, street. E. Konovalets, 35