About the library

Library Ivano-Frankivsk University of Law named after King Danylo Galician is its leading structural division, serves as scientific information, cultural and educational center and provides full cycle of the supply of information, its collection and scientific processing, systematization, preservation, search and services Teaching staff, graduate students, masters, university students and staff.
The structure of the library is a general and specialized reading room (computer lab) to work on the Internet and room for location depositories. The reading rooms are designed to 140 seats. Maintenance performed on library users 2 training subscription. For readers of the library decorated alphabetical, systematic and regional directories with information about all library fund file of newspaper and magazine articles, filing cabinets' abstracts of dissertations "and monographs; conference proceedings, filing, and filing papers faculty and research works of students of the University.
The library fund has 32 407 45 + copies of literature and electronic drives 353 electronic copies of textbooks, reference manuals and lectures. Of them, the economic literature - 6 029 books, law books - 8 761 book, construction and architecture - 1 799 books, comprehensive - 5 559 books of fiction - 6 942 books, monographs 279 names. On average a student has 19 copies of textbooks.
The library receives 44 periodicals. Professional periodicals are included in the list of the presidium of HAC Ukraine, are - 38%.
The library fund is formed according to the curriculum, through the acquisition of scientific, educational, reference, fiction, periodicals, audio, video, periodicals and electronic databases produced both in Ukraine and abroad.
Each year the library fund is replenished by more than a thousand books.
The entire library collection is stored in an electronic database and displayed in traditional card catalogs and files of newspaper and magazine articles.
Full, prompt and efficient service to users based on wide access to library and information resources through directories and files, design exhibitions educational materials, opening cultural and historical and spiritual heritage of ideas of national state propaganda books of literary and musical evenings together with university professors, student government and independently according to the plan of events.
The library is equipped with personal computers. Always considered promising uses of modern technologies for access to information resources, developing new methods to help teachers and students, and most studied library contingent, their needs and interests in cyberspace. The functioning of the university LAN provides students and teachers to unlimited access to the Internet and Wi-Fi.
University Library currently uses 1214 people. (Including college students - 318 readers).

Library Director - Chudilina Miroslav Onufriyivna
e-mail: myroslava.chudilina@iful.edu.ua
Librarian - Chikalova Svetlana Oleksiivna
e-mail: svi tla was .chi to a viral @i to l.e du.ua

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