Not only students of masters of economic disciplines, but also entrants to the Master of Law from the University of King Danylo, thanks to the cooperation of the educational institution with the Higher School of Labor Management in Katowice (Poland), will receive a double Master's Degree in Law, implementing the program "Two Diplomas" In the areas of "Internal Security (Poland)" and "Human Rights Protection and Protection (Ukraine, King Danil University)". The training will be conducted simultaneously in two institutions, with short-term stay in the territory of the Republic of Poland.


"The uniqueness of such a program is that, in contrast to medicine, architecture, construction, information technology, design, even the economy, which is essentially international training, law always takes into account national legislation. Therefore, the programs of the double diploma in law in Ukraine are very small, since its implementation involves searching for points of cooperation taking into account national interests. Such a point of contact was the training program "Internal Security", which is proposed in the framework of cooperation of partners ", - says vice-rector for the scientific work of the King Danil University, candidate of law sciences, associate professor Alexander Ostrohory.

The advantages of cooperation in the program of double diplomas are to take into account previous knowledge acquired at the Ukrainian university, to write a single master's degree and to visit the subjects of the chosen specialization on the basis of the Polish university.

In addition, in addition to the study of practical profile disciplines (Internal Security Strategies, Special Services, Crime Prevention Strategies, Modern Terrorist Threat, Information Security, Migration Policy, Constitutional System of State Authorities, etc.), the study also includes the study of buttocks Needed for today to become a professional lawyer - Social Communication, Social Psychology, Strategic Management, Team Management, etc.

That is, considerable attention is paid to: lawyer cooperation with mass media; Taking into account in his work the psychological aspects of counteraction; Interaction with colleagues and state authorities, local self-government and non-governmental organizations; Modern ways of resolving legal conflicts; Actual trends of scientific research; Legal policy in various spheres; Job search and job fixation, etc. The Ukrainian component of the training program will usually be based on Ukrainian and international legislation.

"The introduction of such a program will increase the competitiveness of the University graduates, as they will receive two diplomas at once, Ukrainian - which allows to apply for any position in the field of law in the territory of Ukraine (court, prosecutor's office, notary, advocacy, etc.) and Polish - recognized In EU countries.

We do not want to lose our best children by sending them to study in the Republic of Poland for several years, when they lose their kinship, friendship and are completely in a foreign environment and that is especially important for lawyers - the environment of other (Polish) legislation, we give them Opportunities to search for a better job based on the availability of two diplomas and the study (possession) of another language of the country of the European community ", - says Alexander Ostrohory.

All details of the program can be found directly at King Danylo University or by phone: (0342) 71-56-80, (099) 7557575, (068) 7557575.