The University of King Danylo, together with the Institute for International Academic and Scientific Cooperation (IIASC), invites you to participate in the International Interdisciplinary Conference "Sustainable Development of 2030: Legal, Economic, Social, Ecological and Political Components", which is the second stage of the IMANS project to consolidate efforts and integrate intellectual resources in the process of sustainable development and the formation of social and economic wealth of countries.


Place:Budapest and Vienna

Time:15-18 October 2017 of the year

Registration fee:200 Euro

Registration:Until 25 September 2017 year.

                                                                                                                                                             ONLINE REGISTRATION



Representatives from Eastern and Central European countries are invited to participate in the program, which are:

- scientists, teachers of higher educational establishments, graduate students, students (economics, jurisprudence, political science, international relations, sociology, pedagogy, history, philosophy, ecology and interdisciplinary disciplines);

- Experts, experts with practical experience;

- representatives of local self-government bodies and state executive bodies;

- leaders and representatives of civil society organizations and business associations.


The registration fee covers:

  • Accommodation 3 night at Airport Hotel Budapest 4 ****;
  • Euro bus fare class on the route Lviv - Budapest-Vienna - Lviv (travel during the day);
  • Participation in the plenary session;
  • Workshop at the United Nations Headquarters in Vienna on Sustainable Development;
  • An integrated dinner with wine;
  • Excursion program Budapest and Vienna;
  • Certificate of participation in an international conference;
  • Electronic collection of abstracts;
  • Administrative support during the project.


Conference participants will have the opportunity to test the results of research on sustainable development and the achievement of the objectives 2030 (economic, social, legal and political science and interdisciplinary). Abstracts or scientific essays must not exceed 6000 characters and must be prepared for 01 in October.2017 p.


+ 380991720082 Hrebenyuk Nadiya - assistant of educational projects IMANS

+ 380666795971 Grigorskaya Natalia - Head of the UKC marking department



15.10 (Sunday)Morning gathering of the group in Lviv. Transfer to Hungary. Integration evening in the wine-cellar wine-cellars in Jogory. Accommodation at the hotel in Budapest (Airport Hotel Budapest 4 ****).
16.10 (Monday)Breakfast.

Opening the program. Work of the conference. Plenary Session "Sustainable Development of 2030".

Familiarity with the historical and architectural richness of the capital of Hungary - Budapest.

17.10 (tuesday)Breakfast.

Transfer to Vienna. The Sustainable Development 2030 Work Program at UN Headquarters.

Excursion to Austria. Free time in Vienna.

Return to the hotel in Budapest.

18.10 (Wednesday)Breakfast. Close the program. Departure from the hotel. Free time in Budapest. Transfer to Lviv (arrival late in the evening).
* Possible changes in the program