Announces a recruitment for graduate school

for full-time and part-time studying in specialties

081 - right; 051 - economy; 191 - Architecture and Urban Development

Documents are accepted from 14 August to September 8 inclusive, from 8.00 to 17.00 year, daily except weekends at the address of Ivano-Frankivsk, street. E. Konovalets, 35, 3 floor, post-graduate and doctoral department.

poster postgraduate study


Applicants for postgraduate studies submit the following documents:

- a statement;

- autobiography;

- a copy of the passport;

- a copy of the master's degree (educational qualification level "specialist");

- a copy of the appendix to the diploma;

- Personnel sheet on personnel accounting;

- a list of published scientific works and inventions and their copies, and in their absence - a lecture on the chosen specialty. Review of the abstract is prepared by the teacher of the profile department at the instruction of the head of the department;

- Four color photos of size 3 * 4;

- a copy of the identification code;

- for the military, a copy of the military ticket, and in the absence of a copy, a copy of the certificate of appointment to the compulsory section;

- recommendation of the Academic Council of the Faculty (if any).

All copies of documents are certified by the original by the University Admission Commission or in accordance with the procedure established by law. Copies of documents without presentation of originals are not accepted.

Upon submission of documents, the Admission Board of the University decides on the admission of admission to the entrance exams.

Entrants to the postgraduate study comprise three entrance exams:

- from a foreign language;

- in specialty;

- in the form of an interview with the presentation of its own scientific project.

Individuals who go to graduate school from another field of specialization than the one indicated in their diploma may be assigned additional exams.

More detailed information can be found on the phone


The contact person is Ilin Lubomir (Head of the postgraduate and doctoral department).