Postgraduate studies were added to the university in December 2014 in order to enhance scientific research through the establishment of a new department.
In April 2016, through an order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 443, the University’s educational capability was expanded to include the training of candidates for a doctoral degree.
This doctorate degree is both an educational and a scientific degree conferred by a higher educational establishment or research institution as the result of a student accomplishing their scientific program and successfully defending their dissertation before a specialized academic board. Normally the process of obtaining a PhD in post graduate study is four years.
These postgraduate studies are directed toward alleviating problems associated with government and law, economy, architecture and urban planning and provide students with the opportunity to:
gain intricate knowledge in a specialty as well as an understanding of the theoretical and practical issues involved, the developmental history and the current state of understanding on their specialty,
acquire competency in general scientific skills oriented toward scientific discovery, professional ethnics and cultural views;
improve Ukrainian oral and written skills through the presentation of scientific research;
understand the implications of modern information technologies in scientific activities and organizations;
organize scientific information, make recommendations on funding for scientific research and protect intellectual property rights;
acquire adequate foreign language skills to effectively present information and discuss scientific results in both oral and written forms.


University of King Danylo

O G O L O C T are
receiving documents for education and scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy in 2016-2017 school year

full-time and distance learning
051 - economy;
081 - law;
191 - architecture and urban planning.

Terms of receiving applications and documents, competitive selection and enrollment

Acceptance of applications and documents in paper form to study at the graduate starts at 8.00 15 pm August 2016 year.

Entrance examinations, competitive selection and enrollment of applicants is performed in such terms

Documents continues at m. Ivano-Frankivsk, st. Yevhen Konovalets 35. University Daniel King, the selection committee.

Applicants to graduate school to university SUBMIT the following documents:

  • a statement of the applicant (if filing);
  • a copy of the master's degree (specialist) indicating gained specialty (qualification) and a copy of the diploma supplement;
  • personal piece of accounting personnel of autobiography;
  • list of published scientific works and inventions and their copies, and in their absence - Summary of selected scientific specialty in 25-30 printed sheets of review. Review of the essay entrant gives the teacher the profile of the department ordered by the head of the department;
  • four color photographs sized 3 × 4 cm;
  • recommendation or referral (if any);
  • a copy of the passport;
  • ID number;
  • copy of employment record;
  • for military service - a copy of military card, and in his absence a copy of the certificate of origin to the recruiting station.

All certified copies of the original selection committee of university or legislation. Copies of documents proving the identity and citizenship, military card (certificate of origin) are not subject to certification. Copies of documents without having originals are accepted.

After submission of documents Admissions Committee decides on the admission of applicants to the entrance examination to graduate school.


Applicants are three entrance tests

Foreign language (English) - download requirements.
Specialty 051 «Economy» - economy - download requirements.
Specialty 081 «Law» - a comprehensive exam right - download requirements.
Specialty 191 «Architecture and Urban Planning" - Architecture and urban planning - download requirements.
The third will be opening test, interview and presentation their scientific achievements and development.