According to the Regulations, Scientific Association of Students of the University of Daniel King is a voluntary social organization of university student government, uniting students who do research work.

Student Science Association in its work is guided by the principles of collegiality, voluntariness, openness, self-development scientific work of students and increase the accumulation of scientific potential of the University of King Danylo and training of future scientists and teachers.

The purpose of Student Science Association is to increase the quality of training. Achieving this goal is made by the following objectives: to encourage students to research activities at the earliest stages of university study; promote quality professional preparation and qualification of future professionals; improve theoretical and practical significance of research students; expansion philosophy and scientific erudition of students acquiring skills in their research activities and improve their own knowledge; creating conditions for the disclosure of scientific and creative potential of students; promotion and dissemination of scientific knowledge among students; coordinating and controlling the activities of student scientific circles; organizing and conducting various organizational and mass and student research activities: conferences, seminars, round tables, competitions of student work, discipline competitions etc. Informing students about conferences, seminars, competitions; attracting students to participate in conferences, competitions, scientific workshops, round tables; assist in the publication and introduction of results of student research; ensuring cooperation with the student scientific societies of other schools, the study of domestic and foreign experience of research students in communication at seminars at various levels and via the Internet with the introduction of advanced forms and methods in their work; informing the public about their activities; proposals to stimulate students and teachers involved in the system of research students.

Anna Sivakova-1

Sivakova Anna Volodimirivna


Bzova Andrei Igorevna

Kuzik Jan-1

Kuzik Yana

  • Secretary of the Student Scholarly Society
Parasyuk Ilona-1

Parasyuk Ilona-Anna Sergeyevna

Timkov Yarina-1

Tymkiv Yasmin I.

  • Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Society of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction
  • +380 95 551 66 38
Trushko Liliya-1

Lily M. Trushko

  • Head of the Scientific Society of Students of the Faculty of Law
  • + 380 98 65 05 127
Огерук Ольга-1

Огерук Ольга Игорівна

  • Deputy Head of the Law Society Students of the Faculty of Law
  • +380 66 71 97 969
Dukhnyak Taras-1

Dukhnyak Taras Mikhailovich

  • Deputy Head of the Law Society Students of the Faculty of Law
  • + 380 97 58 27 926
Grigorovsky Andrew-1

Grigorovsky Andrei Romanovich


Lompas Bogdan

  • Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Society of Students of the Economic Faculty of Economics and Services
  • +380 96 50 71 017