The University of King Danylo - the only institution among higher education institutions joined the organization of the first Teenage Hakaton in Ivano-Frankivsk TeenHackathon, which recently organized the Works Club.

"TeenHackathon is a hackaton of innovation entrepreneurship technology, which enables them to improve their teamwork skills, project implementation and the opportunity to contribute to the development of innovative entrepreneurship! King Danylo University is gladly involved in the formation of a community of creative teenagers who want to create technological products that will improve the urban environment, "says Vasyl Bodnaruk, MD, Faculty of Information Technologies at King Danil University.

Talented teens and experts from various fields gathered to find new ideas in the field of innovative entrepreneurship and transform them into future startups.

The First Teen Hakaton in Ivano-Frankivsk was remembered by 9 driving hours for 25 members united in 5 teams. Teens, mentor-supported by specialists from Ivano-Frankivsk IT companies, developed 5 cool project presentations:

  1. Sweet Home - A smart home system that combines smart elements from different manufacturers into one ecosystem and runs through one mobile application.
  2. The Roboclub App is a mobile application that helps you navigate the schedule of out-of-school technical education operators, receive notifications and reminders for lessons, and keep educational materials at your fingertips.
  3. Easy Price - a mobile application that reads information with foreign exchange rates and converts it into hryvnia using current data from the official NBU website.
  4. Eco city - a system for monitoring the pollution of air in the city, collected on the basis of the open platform Arduino. The data is collected on a specialized website and is available to anyone through the mobile application.
  5. Clean IF is a garbage collection system that offers people the opportunity to take the sorted garbage and receive special checks in the form of QR codes that entitle them to a discount on the city's retail chain.

Each project was unique, but the project Easy Price became the winner.

The winners got some nice and sweet surprises from our partners, but the main reward was the 100% discount on tuition at King Danylo University.