«By their fruit you will recognize them» (Matthew 7, 16) – this biblical lines were the main credo of the founder and the first rector of the Ivano-Frankivsk King Danylo Halytskyi University of Law, the academician of 7 Academies, Doctor of Juridical Science, professor, Doctor of Law, Doctor of Philosophy, Juris Canonici Doctor, Distinguished Educator of Ukraine, lawyer, Mitered archpriest, Priest I. M. Lutskyi.

Ivan Mykhailovych Lutskyi was born on March 7, 1949 in Ivano-Frankivsk. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Theological Academy. On July 25, 1974 was ordained as a priest. Pastoral work he carried out on the territory of Tlumach and in Tlumach town from 1975 till 1985. In 1985 was transferred as the pastor of the Church of St. Joseph the Betrothed in Ivano-Frankivsk. At the same time, in 1985 he was appointed as the dean of the Tysmenytsya deanery, where he was the first who by his pastoral work transferred headed by him rural deanery in the bosom of the Catholic Church. At the time of the UGCC legalization at the request of the parishioners of the village Ugornyky he has started and conducted the construction of a new parish church, because the old one was destroyed by a fire.

For the conscientious ministration on the pastoral field, he was chosen as the regional advisor of the Diocesan administration, was awarded with the highest ecclesiastical reward –the Mitre, and by the Bishop Sofron Mudry OSBM –with the second Decorated Cross.

Successfully working in the spiritual field, he also sought to obtain the secular education, so in 1996 he graduated from the Ukrainian Free University in Munich, having gained the Candidate's degree (thesis "Creation of the Stanislav Diocese of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church").

Subsequently he successfully graduated from the Kharkiv Law Academy of Yaroslav the Wise and the International Scientific Technical University in Kyiv. Сhoosing the philosophy of law as the area of expertise, І. М. Lutskyi in 2005 has successfully defended his Candidate's dissertation (thesis "Justice as philosophical and legal foundations of the Ukrainian state construction"), and in 2011 – doctoral dissertation («The Christian teaching as the world outlook source of the Ukrainian state and law»). In 2008, Ivan Mikhailovych Lutskyiwas awarded the academic rank of associate professor, and in 2011 – the academic rank of professor. He was elected as the deputy of the regional council of the I and V democratic convocations, was also as the deputy of the Ugornyky village council.

His significant achievements in sphere of science and in the pastoral field have been confirmed by numerous ecclesiastical and state rewards, namely: «Order of Volodymyr the Great», the sign of MES of Ukraine «Distinguished Educator of Ukraine», the medal «For the merits in education», the order «For the development of education and science».

For development and establishment of the education in Ukraine in 2003 he was awarded by the Ukrainian Fund of scientific, economic and legal cooperation with the Badge of Honor «For Irreproachable Service on allegiance of Ukraine» the ІІ degree. In June 2009 he was awarded with decoration of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration with the medal «For merits before Precarpathia» the III degree, and many others gratitudes and diplomas.

In 2004 by the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences was honored with the gold medal of Platon "Through thorns to the stars" in 2006 – «Golden Star with diamonds» for contribution to the growth of education and creative achievements in the development of the Ukrainian state and in 2012 by the International Cossack Academy was awarded with the highest award - «Golden Star of the Hero».

І. М. Lutskyiwas also the academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Original Ideas, the honorary member of the Higher School Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the academician of the Academy of Architecture, International Personnel Academy, Academician of the International Cossack Academy, the academician of the International Teacher’s Training Academy of Science.

He was the author of over 160 scientific publications, monographs, textbooks and educational-methodical manuals, scientific articles. He took active part in various All-Ukrainian and international scientific-practical conferences, round tables.

In 1997 Ivan Mykhailovych Lutskyi founded the Private Higher educational establishment – the Ivano-Frankivsk Institute of Law, Economics and Construction, which in 2007 was renamed into Ivano-Frankivsk University of Law named after King Danylo Halytskyi (since May 2017 – King Danylo University).

For the active improving of the modern education quality the Institute of was awarded with the diploma in 2002 according to the Rating contest of the educational institutions of Ukraine and the name of its founder and the first rector entered in the Register Book «500 influential personalities of Ukraine» and «Golden names».

The Institute, and later – the University was also awarded the diploma of laureate ranking educational institutions of Ukraine «Sophia of Kyiv – 2005, 2007, 2008» in the category of higher educational establishments of Ukraine for significant contribution to development of the national higher education system.

Nowadays the University of King Danylo through the efforts of the first Rector І. М. Lutskyi and his successors dynamically growing by preparing specialists in the field of law, economics, architecture, construction, design, IT technologies, journalism (on specialization «Advertising and public relations»), philology (on specialization «English language»), theology on educational degrees "bachelor", "master" and educational-qualifying levels "junior specialist", "specialist".

The educational-training process at the University is provided by over 150 leading scientists, including 15 Doctors of Science. During the past twenty years of its activities, the King Danylo University finished more than 20 thousand students.

Among the most significant achievements of the University for the recent years, we should, primarily, mentioned the opening of the postgraduate courses: 051 «Economics», 081 «Law», 191 «Architecture and urban planning» and Dissertation Council on the right to consider and conduct defense of thesis for the degree of Doctor (Candidate) of Law in the field of:12.00.01 «Theory and history of state and law; history of political and legal doctrines» and 12.00.03 «Civil law and civil procedure; family law; international private law»; improvement of material-technical base; opening of new specialties and departments; creating conditions for in-depth study of foreign language for the students of the University and College, connected with increased threefold the number of classroom hours, allocated to the foreign language; implementation in the educational process of modern information technologies.

In addition, at the University was initiated the idea of the open meetings with the successful people. This is a unique opportunity for the students to identify the right priorities in life, to learn the secrets of success, to work hard on themselves, to set goals and achieve them.

Management of the University cares not only about training - technical base, but also about students' leisure (traveling, interesting excursions, sports, participation in charity events, etc.).

For the development of the University is also important the interuniversity and international scientific cooperation and recognition. Have become traditional the following scientific events: All Ukrainian scientific - practical conference «Problems and prospects of the project activity development: theory, practice and innovations», All Ukrainian scientific - practical conferences «Peculiarities of the legislation formation of Ukraine, philosophical-legal, historical and practical aspects», Interuniversity scientific-practical conference «Current state of the economic development, management and advertising activities of Ukraine», All Ukrainian Student Research Symposium «Commonwealth sciences: architecture, economics, law», All Ukrainian scientific-practical seminar «Theoretical and practical problems of the development of criminal law and process», Reporting teaching and student scientific-practical conference «Science and Education of the XXI century», All Ukrainian conference on architecture, design and construction, International conference for ІТ-specialists − ІТ-Rally, All Ukrainian conference for specialists in advertising and public relations−PR-Rally and many more interesting and meaningful research activities.

On the basis of the University there functioning: College, Scientific Research Institute, issued professional scientific publications on Legal Sciences, All Ukrainian newspaper of the scientific-popular focus.

High level of the academic education, the professional teaching staff, the science and research as well as resource facilities attract the University applicants.

University graduates receive state approved diplomas. It is encouraging that the majority of the graduates find employment in various fields of law, economics, architecture and building construction thus proving a professional level of training, full compliance of the received knowledge with the global standards and requirements as well as capability of applying this knowledge to modern conditions of development of a law-abiding state in Ukraine.

International cooperation of the University focuses on establishment of mutually beneficial relations with outstanding universities of Poland, Austria, Germany, Georgia and other European countries.

Implementation of cutting-edge European standards of education and provision of supplements to the Diploma of Higher Education of European sample encourage competitiveness of the King Danylo University graduates.

The University develops every year through improving resource and technical facilities, forming an effective system of the University financial stability, increasing research potential of the academic teaching staff, prestige and image in the scientific and educational spheres of the Precarpathian region.

Aspiration for top standards of quality education together with deep religious atmosphere in the educational institution, high moral values of the academic teaching staff, formed due to the efforts of the first Rector of the University, Priest I. M. Lutskyi and further developed by his successors guarantee that in the future King Danylo University will sustain its competitiveness in the sphere of education in Ukraine and abroad.