Right - leading an elite specialty, and thRista - is one of the most common, popular and highly paid professions in the civilized society. Each of us needs a lawyer as well as a doctor.

Daniel King's University prepares specialists with the necessary level of legal and economic knowledge and can work up to date on modern philosophical, scientific and methodological basis of the specialty "Law". Training in this specialty provides integration of legal and economic knowledge, computer literacy, a high level of general culture and justice, possession of civilized business skills and more.

Getting a law degree at our university, you will master the latest developments in the field of general theories of law; the main directions of development of international relations; ways and directions of European integration, and know the system and content of the legislation of Ukraine and European countries; based on financial and monetary policies; organization of power and the main EU institutions; European human rights standards; legal basis regulating the European market and business like.

The skills students gain practice in the process of practice on the third and fourth years and the fifth year, during the training programs of educational degrees "bachelor" and "master." Practice takes place in public institutions and enterprises, commercial and business structures and law enforcement agencies in the city. Ivano-Frankivsk, at the request of students at their place of residence.

Graduates from the University of King Danylo, specializing in Law, receive state-recognized diplomas. Our graduates are trained to work in positions requiring higher legal education: in state executive bodies; in local self-government bodies; in courts of general jurisdiction and specialized courts; in the organs of the prosecutor's office and the national police; in the bodies of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine; in the notary's system; in the bar in legal services of enterprises of all forms of ownership; in law schools.

Architecture and Urban planning

Architecture and Urban planning

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If you like to draw and to dream, design and reason, have a passionate desire to make history of architecture and the environment, want to learn the most beautiful cities in the world, then this profession for you.

The architect - a man who holds in his hands the space and time. This profession is the foundation for other areas of real estate and construction. Without good architect was not not built a single house, a single skyscraper will be nothing, because the architect - is not only an artist but also an expert on science education, which is so perfectly creates and thinks every detail of his creations. Most importantly for the architect - this practice. Just so the architect can realize all their imagination, inspiration, skill in that so captures us, conquering our tastes and architectural monument is incomparable!

Studying in the specialty "Architecture and Urban Planning" at the King Danil University, students thoroughly study such disciplines as: architectural design, composition, artistic image formation, theoretical and methodological foundations of architectural design, architecture and urban planning, landscape architecture, modern theory and practice of reconstruction cities, methods of optimizing architectural and town-planning solutions and many others.

The most valuable skills they obtained during training - is the ability to deliver to their customer's creative vision, with lines, colors, new software, as well as live communication to explain and justify architectural, landscape or design solution. Understanding the architecture not as a separate building and the environment as part of the interaction of internal and external spaces and the ability to enrich their skills by using a variety of disciplines.

Job architect - a difficult and hard work, but at the same time, interesting and creative. The architect should be not only an artist but also an engineer even a psychologist. Job architect requires creative thinking, artistic taste and lifelong learning. For the graduates of this specialty doors are always open public, private architectural and engineering firms and companies, design institutes, construction and architectural firms working in the field of landscape design and design and so on. Specialty architect has a wide range of development, from the artist to the designer, the main desire and perseverance. The main thing - is to be true specialists in their field, the result will reach only those who are confident in their knowledge

Building construction and Civil engineering

Building construction and Civil engineering

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Among the many cities of our country clearly stand out are those that take to the sky roofs of buildings or great delight baroque lace patterns, power giants buildings or windows look calm residential quarters left to chance. And these were not the miracle - they are created by people and talent - real professionals, builders. It is their profession - one of the oldest in the world, but most modern: all the latest technology being introduced today in the construction industry. Therefore, the current builder - a highly qualified specialist with both traditional and modern techniques and methods, uses different materials and technologies.

Students who choose specialty "Construction" at the University of King Daniel prepared to actively creative, professional and social activity that contributes to the progress of social development, the ability to independently acquire new knowledge, control and adjust done.

They correctly evaluate historical and contemporary processes of global development trends, have organizational skills and management activities, can make a professional decision. Well-known technology and organization of construction, construction documents on projects under construction, building regulations on the production and reception of construction works, designs buildings, bases of calculation of building structures, labor law, rules and regulations safety, ways to protect the environment, labor, planning etc. on the site.

After completing the training graduates can work in construction and assembly facilities, design and research organizations in the field of construction, offices and departments capital construction, as well as offices and departments of architecture of regional administrations and local authorities, TIB, in units of fire inspection in organizations with expert evaluation of real estate and more.




Development and dissemination of design as design and creative work gives status profession designer perspective and unique profession because every sphere of human activity needs of the industry professional. In the field of graphic design - a printing products, packaging, corporate identity, posters, book graphics, design objects advertising, web-design.

Preparation of graphic designers allowing them to work in design studios, advertising and production companies, advertising agencies, publishing houses, exhibition and fair center, Design and advertising business structures, business packaging industry.

The scope of design protection covering residential and public interiors (corporate, administrative, cultural, artistic and educational institutions, tourist industry, the hotel and restaurant sector, trade, exhibition halls), landscaping (garden plots, parks, squares).

Graduates of the specialization "Design Environment" will work in the project companies and institutions, design studios, research institutions, creative workshops. Fashion Design focuses on the development of models of clothes of different function depending on the scope of activities and way of life - business, informal, casual, evening, stage and so on. Graduates of this specialization can work in design studios, studios, fashion houses as customized and in mass production and so on.

Job designer - a great opportunity to not only realize their creative potential, creating a variety of original ideas, but also to combine favorite thing to something useful. It is rare to meet people who work in this field spontaneously, usually a conscious choice, based on the vocation and the huge effort to connect his life with the same design. As you know, the love of his craft gives a great chance to achieve great success in their work, and sometimes even discover something unique and unrepeatable.

Philology (English)

Philology (English)


Today, philologists teach in educational institutions, work as journalists, head PR-agencies, and marketing. They translate and edit texts, make advertisements, teach business communication and eloquence of employees of different companies, manage the work of websites and blogs. They also work on the posts of speakers for politicians, teach foreign students to the Ukrainian language, and keep records. The philologists work in ANY area, which requires professional knowledge and work with oral and written texts.

English today has special status because it is the language of international communication. English writing her realize her speak in the world, it is an essential tool not only for international communication of all kinds (accidental and deliberate, formal and informal, commercial and industrial, political, diplomatic, etc.), but also a means of dissemination research and professional knowledge in general. This high status of English in the world requires high standards of teaching and learning.

"Philology (English)" - a specialty for training highly qualified specialists with the most extensive coverage of philological sciences. Training in this field enables students of the University of King Danylo for substantial knowledge in the future to find a promising job in government and commercial companies of any type, including foreign. Specificity allow the profession to work remotely, have a flexible work schedule.

Our graduates - are specialists for ensuring interlingual communication, possessing linguistic, communicative and professional competence in the field of translation state language, the basic language and an optional second foreign language.

The venue of the graduates of this specialty can be organizations and businesses of all sectors and ownership, educational and cultural institutions, the media, which require skilled translators from English and German languages, high school teachers, editors, specialists in business communication and so on.

Accounting and Taxation

Accounting and Taxation

Accounting and Taxation

In current conditions accounting and audit - a management tool, to increase efficiency because they provide owners, managers and professionals about the economic processes and phenomena, resources and their effective use in all sectors. Without it impossible operation of enterprises and organizations of various sectors and forms of ownership.

Knowledge of accounting and audit allow to plan, control, analyze, monitor and report to the regulatory authorities of the financial and economic activities at the state, region, enterprise.

Not for nothing in the world accounting and auditing called the "language of business". Specialist in accounting and auditing functions as an independent expert and provides services for accounting and financial reporting, auditing, tax reporting, consultation with management, forensic accounting at companies and public institutions, government authorities, Tax Administration, Securities Commission , audit Office, Treasury, hospitals, colleges, universities, charities and so on. Services of experts in accounting and auditing is also extremely crucial to the establishment of a modern system of accounting, control and audit.

Studying at the University of King Danylo specialty "Accounting and Taxation" provides training to high professional level of relevant departments of private businesses, government agencies, local government and others.

Future graduates gain thorough knowledge of accounting and audit in economic activity, banks, budget institutions and foreign countries; financial, tax and management accounting; audit; information systems and technology account; business planning and budgeting.

Teaching process is a highly qualified teaching staff, who has experience in advanced market economies, to which Ukraine actively integrated.

Our students have the opportunity to work in computer classes, mastering the latest software, study program 1S: Company 8.0. The training program meets the modern world best international standards involving new techniques and structured to give students a comprehensive knowledge of the theoretical and methodological foundations and practical skills in the field of accounting and auditing.

Graduates of the University of King Danylo specialty "Accounting and Taxation" can take high paying positions in accounting and analysis of financial and business enterprises of all economic sectors of different ownership, etc.

Finance, Banking and Insurance

Finance, Banking and Insurance

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Future financier should have analytical thinking, strategic thinking, be responsible, careful, decisive, able to take risks. Working area financier - is the planning and management of financial flows. The main task of the financier - to plan where to invest; someone for whom and how much to borrow; shares purchased and how to sell their; able to efficiently manage funds and find ways to reduce costs and increase profits efficiently manage revenue and profitability to exercise financial control; choose effective forms of payment and payment terms; navigate the tax, to be able to protect savings from inflation.

Training on "Finance, banking and insurance" at the University of King Danylo provides students with thorough knowledge of economic theory, the theory of finance and banking, the world economy and international economic relations, management, marketing, forecasting and planning in market conditions, pricing, statistics , accounting and auditing, economic analysis. This will allow future professionals learn practical techniques and methods of financial management of the real economy and the financial sector, local governments manage funds insurance funds; know the modern system of taxation and finance, to assess the value of the property and business, prepare and analyze investment projects, financial condition to diagnose and implement crisis management.

During training future professionals in finance, banking and insurance are actively involved in national and international scientific seminars and conferences; The best students are invited to the workshops, held in the companies experienced domestic and foreign consultants. The training of future professionals in this specialty provides advanced study of foreign language and computer training enhanced with the ability to work in a modern computer classes. In the learning process are used as multimedia technology, conducted seminars and workshops with elements of business games, workshops inviting business leaders. Through integration relations students are provided with bases practices at leading companies.

After completing the training graduates "Finance Banking and Insurance" can work on specialty banks, government agencies, private industry, holding positions with the heads or deputy heads of financial issues, analysts, financial managers, consultants and others. These professionals are always in demand, jobs are highly paid.

Enterprise, Trade and exchange activities

Enterprise, Trade and exchange activities

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The development strategy of personnel policy aimed at improving the human capacity for effective performance of the functions of the state. The main tasks of training specialists in "Business, trade and exchange activity" is to provide the public sector with highly skilled specialists municipal, regional, national and international level, to form a new generation of managers who have deep knowledge can systematically and innovative thinking, make effective decisions, guided the principles of humanity and stand in the public interest.

Training in this field at the University of King Danylo allows students to gain theoretical knowledge, practical skills of public administration for the application of laws principles, methods, techniques and procedures in the management of the subjects public sphere, which will provide the European level of administrative services on the basis of implementation in practice of the principles of democratic government. In addition, the study in "Business, trade and exchange activity" is - a unique opportunity for further career development for young professionals who work or want to work in government agencies and local government.

During the study, each student is the opportunity of professional fulfillment through internships in government and local authorities, mastering the methods of forming, monitoring and control of acceptance of administrative decisions at the national, regional and local levels, skills development and implementation of measures to ensure the effective and efficient activities of the public sphere, mastering the basics of methodology, techniques and procedures of public administration objects public sphere ith more.

Graduates "Business, trade and exchange activity" can work in public administration and local government, various types of organizations, international funds, managers and leading specialists of services of public authorities of the regional and district levels; leaders and experts of service of local government; heads and leading specialists of enterprises and organizations of various forms of ownership and their deputies; in senior positions in central government; executive positions in local government; in leadership positions of local governments; managers in the social sphere; heads of individual units of trade unions; leaders of public organizations.


Journalism (in educational and professional program "Advertising and PR")


"Advertising and public relations" strategically necessary profession, whose relevance in today's realities undeniable. Students who are educated expert on advertising and PR, will have a great future. Relevant here is Bruce Barton saying: "People always advertise their products, and in good times and in bad. In good times they want to advertise, and in difficult times they must advertise. " So, a good specialist in advertising is necessary in any structure. It prepares and disseminates information on the quality, features and advantages of goods and services; planning advertising campaigns and coordinates the actions of those involved in the manufacture of advertising - designers, copywriters, advertising budget control or organization.

Specialist PR - a professional who can create an attractive image of any person, product, institution or organization in the public eye. It builds effective relationships of the organization with the authorities, customers, partners and society in general.

Specificity of activity specialist PR is largely due to the fact that the market potential employers incredibly wide and varied. PR-department organized in all Western companies working on the Ukrainian market, as well as many Ukrainian companies and almost all media. Media Business today can not exist without the specialists in public relations - their work is so important in the system of media and communication. Demand for PR also increases dramatically during the preparations for the elections. PR specialist can find a job in the media (press office), the trading company (department of public relations and advertising services), PR-agencies (Analytical Department).

Today, almost every organization is at least one PR-manager. If you need to perform a large volume of work created a PR-department. As for small companies, they prefer to hire employees universal. Therefore, the manager who took a course also in marketing or advertising, is much more likely to find a good job. PR Managers can also work in independent PR-agencies that provide businesses and organizations a variety of services in this area.

So if you are inherent features of professional advertising and public relations, creativity, capacity for creativity, communication skills, ability to interact with different people (more) come to study in the University RRestyzhnoho RRestyzhniy RRofesiyi!

Software Engineering

Software Engineering

IT ---

Software engineering - a specialty that aims to develop software systems that work reliably and efficiently, cost of development and maintenance which are available that meet the requirements put forward to them by customers. Today, experts in software engineering are most in demand in the labor market, among other professionals, they take part in the development of domestic and international software projects and have decent pay for their work. The demand for specialists in software engineering in the future will only grow!

Professionals deal with software development and support: application software of computer systems and networks, corporate networks and systems, decision support systems, automated control systems, intelligent systems; software for business; WEB - portals; multimedia software; databases and knowledge bases; diagnostic and certification software systems; information security in computer systems and networks.

Graduates majoring in software engineering are programmers with deep knowledge of programming in WebUI technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript); client-server technologies (Java, C # /. NET), mobile technologies (iOs, Android, WinPhone).

Graduates from our university may work as software developers, software testers, systems analysts, project managers, system administrators, information technology managers in industrial, financials, trade, administrative organizations, it systems administrators, network systems administrators, database administrators, design or advertising software developers, etc.

If you are into information technologies or want to create and modify virtual reality, you can be a software engineer!




The high level of educational standards requirements of the modern globalized world necessitates the active implementation of the best achievements relating to the organization and development of new forms of high-quality education in the educational space. Therefore, the University of King Danylo invites everyone to study to get a theological education under practically proven principles and standards of integrative learning the best universities in the world.

To provide high-quality educational services the University offers its own teaching developments involving the most advanced IT-technologies in the field of theological education, specific approaches and creative innovation in the development of the latest draft universal form of distance education. The proposed form has a number of advantages, including: the ability to own convenient time to acquire the necessary educational material, and improve their knowledge of all the courses taught at the University.

In addition to the biblical, dogmatic, liturgical, patristic and moral theology, canon law and church, students study philosophical discipline, Church history, sacred art and more. Much attention is paid to the study of both classical and modern foreign languages.

The theoretical material is taught using e-learning courses, books, audio and video lectures. The acquisition of practical material by using workshops, debates and seminars for video conferencing. At the request of the students are able to complete communications with teachers, obtaining the necessary consultation mode off- and on-line. Training also provides extensive system of individual classes of students with teachers.

After graduation, graduates can work in the specialty as teachers theological and religious disciplines employees church administration, specialist departments of church structures, experts on religious issues in the media, advisers and consultants in the various departments and institutions, specialist departments for humanitarian policy, workers religious and charitable NGO and others.




New friends, new places, expectations of discovery; every summer is unique. Many people begin planning their summer trips a year or more in advance before they contact a tourism professional. When they do, these professionals work hard to fulfill their client’s dreams - to see and experience the world. These people are not wizards; they are just experts in the field of tourism and graduates of King Danylo University.

The ever evolving field of Tourism is one of the most popular branches of studies. And while all clients have certain demands, they also they want to experience the wonders of travel. That’s why King Danylo University - which has an impressive reputation in preparing specialists in law and economics - is introducing the specialty of « Tourism» (Bachelor’s degree). This specialty will provide students with the knowledge for gainful employment as well as the business administration and negotiation skills to successfully compete in both the domestic and international arena. The university not only provides the training necessary to become a successful tourism executive but also to be the owner of a tourism business.

In order to master the skills peculiar to tourism, King Danylo University focuses on developing a student’s creative thinking and interpersonal skills as well as fluency in several languages - a prerequisite for the Tourism Specialist. And the school’s language department is well equipped to handle this requirement. Specialties related to tourist services are relevant and especially important today for the development of Ukraine. Indeed, tourism professionals not only introduce Ukrainians to other countries of the world, but also open our country for foreigners.

It is also important for specialists in the field of tourism to be familiar with modern information technologies and have an understanding of the basics of a healthy life style. It is important to remember that tourism is very essential for the development of Ukraine and our graduates will be equipped not only to acquaint Ukrainians with other countries but also help foreigners discover our country. A tourism specialist will be hard-working, able to deal with stress, have good organizational skills and be outgoing and intelligent. And King Danylo University is the perfect place for such a student to develop the skills to master this craft.



Hot. and restaurant business

The hotel and restaurant industry is an essential part of a tourism infrastructure and as such, it plays a leading role in the presentation of the national tourist product on the world market. This field - an integral part of our world economy - is growing at rapid pace. Many leading tourist organizations predict that in the future, it will become the most important sector of the tourism industry.

Training in the specialty of Hotel and Restaurant Business at King Danylo University provides students with professional knowledge in all areas of the hotel and restaurant industry including management and organization, marketing and economics, modern information technologies and foreign languages.

And as a specialist in Hotel and Restaurant Business you could get job in all areas of the hotel and tourist industry: motels, campgrounds, boatels (boat-hotels), micro-hotels (in airport terminals), health resorts and resort establishments, holiday hotel, rest homes, preventoriums, health centers; and, in all sectors of the restaurant industry (restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.)

Graduates will have the opportunity to work as a restaurant or hotel manager, in restaurant or hotel administration or marketing; in quality control; as the director of a division within the industry, as the owner of a small enterprise; or as a consultant in the restaurant or hotel industry.