Students of the King Danylo University college, namely Diana Kosmiya, Alina Savyuk, Tetyana Dmitrenok, Oleg Stahnyuk, Nazariy Ozarko and Natalya Shevchuk became participants of the Frankivsk Workshop Project.

During the 5 days they learned to express their opinions, submit ideas and implement them. Each of them has creative ideas, which eventually grow into an interesting project. Students realized that there is nothing impossible, impossible to only need more time to implement.

"The Frankivsk workshop project is for me not only a project, but a presentation of new experience, a statement of a certain context and the implementation of individual ideas. The most important thing here is that we work not for people but with people. The project of my team is called "Social Workshop". This is a workshop for the self-realization of young people, finding her in this world and pushing for the right choice of profession. We are interested in the target audience from 14 to 30 years (9-11 classes, boarding schools, schools for people with disabilities, colleges, bursas, colleges, etc.). I hope that our team will be able to implement a project that will benefit both the city and the community. I am grateful to King Danylo University and our coaches for the great experience at such a young age, pushing for a better future with the realization of our project and discovering ourselves in this world, "said Diana College, a college student at the University of King Danylo.

And her colleague Natalia Shevchuk emphasizes: "Together with the team, we decided to develop a Photoproject. The main problem that he will solve is the detachment of people and the lack of contact with the city. It is planned to hold exhibitions with new locations, which did not fall into the focus of attention of people.

The holding of such an action is scheduled to begin next month. We hope that our idea will be perceived by the audience positively and we will develop the initiative in the future. "