The Library of the University of King Danylo actively responded to the idea of ​​creating libraries in the Ivano-Frankivsk hospitals within the framework of the social project "Give the hospital a book" to support the positive moral and psychological climate of patients inpatient care, creating a sense of life comfort and mood, communication between ill and cognition of new and unknown phenomena of nature.

There were selected books that contained the words "high" poetry that affected the soul and awakened optimism, historical essays about our leaders in eternity - King Danylo Halytsky, Ivan Mazepa, Pylyp Orlyk, Cyril Trilovsky, unknown pages about the OUN, the UPA and the military years
We very much hope that the power of a printed word will help the patient to relieve pain and decline of emotional forces, to distract from sad thoughts, to strengthen the will of the will and to promote them as the fastest recovery.