The Academic Council of the University of King Danylo

The Academic Council of the University of King Danylo is a collegial body of the University and operates in accordance with the approvedRegulations on Academic Council. Daniel King PVNZ University under the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education" and the Charter of the University is to address major issues of the university to provide the conditions necessary for a person of higher education, training for the needs of Ukraine.
Chairman of the Academic Council of the University is Rector Doctor of Law, Associate ProfessorAndriy Ivanovych Lutskyi.
The Academic Council of the University includes the following positions: rector, chairman of the Academic Council, vice-rectors, deans and faculty members, academic secretary of the university, director of the college, chief accountant, head of the personnel department, head of the legal department, heads of departments, representatives of student self-government, as well as elective representatives representing scientific and pedagogical workers (selected from among candidates and doctors of sciences, associate professors, professors) and other university staff who work there on a permanent basis and.