Within the framework of the program "Ivano-Frankivsk - the city of heroes", with the participation of the authorities of the city, clergy, representatives of UCLA, the public and family, an annotation board was opened to the vice-rector of the University, Ph.D., academician Zinovii Oleksiyovych Maniv.

Historical Reference:

Z.O. Manov was born 7 in October 1930 in the village of. Vilkhov Rozhnyatovsky district of Ivano-Frankivsk region. In 1955 he graduated from the Lviv Polytechnic Institute, received a referral in the city of Kolomyia to the plant management of building materials. Worked way from the master of the shop to the director of the enterprise.
He worked as the head of the Kolomyia City Council, the head of the regional planning commission, the deputy of the regional executive committee. It is he who owns the initiative to create a Regional Economic Development Agency (RAER). Zinovy ​​Manov shared with his openness his experience of the work of the manager, enlightener. And the experience is invaluable - it's hundreds of economic, technical, managerial decisions that today qualify as know-how.
Z. O. Manov, the profound theoretical knowledge, practical skills, sought to convey to future specialists in the process of teaching. In co-authorship with the rector of the university I.M. Lutsk they prepared a manual "Economics of Enterprise", the main purpose of which - to reveal the causes of crisis phenomena in the economy and identify ways to adapt to market conditions of management. The ideas of regional development are embodied in the manual "Regional economy", which Z.O. Mani wrote in co-authorship with IM Lutsk and SZ Maniwi
In general, Zinovy ​​Manov author (co-author) over 100 scientific works, monographs, manuals.