One of the heads of the Department of King Danylo University became a member of the Scientific and Expert Council under the Subcommittee on Prevention and Counteraction of Political Corruption of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The Scientific Advisory Board includes 11 Doctors of Law, including those specializing in issues of prevention and counteraction to corruption and its political component.
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"At the Subcommittee on the Prevention and Counteraction of Political Corruption, the Scientific Expert Council was established. It is pleasant that Professor of our University, a Doctor of Law, associate professor, head of the department of civil law and process Korojd Sergey Alexandrovich joined this council. The question of corruption in the lives of ordinary citizens, as a rule, is identified with the concept of "domestic corruption" (giving money to "repair" the garden, schools, etc.). The issue of political corruption is not so much heard, but it is more important as it influences the prospects for the development of the state in the future. Despite the fact that the Scientific-Expert Council has the status of a consultative and advisory body, its role should not be diminished. In order for corrupt officials not to escape liability for abuse in the field of political finance, decisions about them should be balanced and well-grounded, ideally executed. And in this issue, without the professional opinion of expert scholars, this can not be avoided, which is especially relevant for Ukraine under fast-changing legislation and dubbing the powers of counter-corruption bodies. The involvement of advanced foreign experience in this area also requires scientific conclusions that should take into account national peculiarities, legislation and conditions of social life, which is possible only with the combination of science, practice and law-making ", - says the vice-rector of the University of King Danylo, Alexander Ostrohory.