Within three weeks, a German expert Karl-Hans Valstein worked with the teaching staff of the Faculty of Economics at the King Danylo University.
"Our school is already in second place, with the help of senior inspectors' service in Germany, to invite an expert for three weeks to work with the teaching staff of the university. The first such project took place in May and was so successful that we decided to repeat it already for the Faculty of Economics, "says Tetyana Rudak, vice rector for international relations at the King Danil University.
Carl-Hans Walstein specializes in teaching economics disciplines. Therefore, he worked with university and college professors who taught disciplines in economics.

"The Ukrainian system of education in its structure, structure and duration of training is very similar to German. Speaking about the higher education system itself, Ukraine uses the practice associated with the Bologna process, as well as other European Union countries.
Я презентував інновативні і сучасні методики викладання і те, як застосувати їх безпосередньо з самим викладачами. Цілі, які ставлять перед собою університети – підготувати студентів до їхньої майбутньої праці, щоб вони у майбутньому могли фахово виконувати свою роботу.

Students should have several types of competencies: professional - their knowledge, social, because in the future they will communicate with people and personal competence.
Methods of teaching can be divided into two categories - the first one used in our universities is a meeting with reality, that is, when students are sent to practice at enterprises, firms, where they can observe the activities of the enterprise. But the second category of teaching methods is simulative, that is, when we can simulate a certain situation through educational games, "explains Carl-Hans Valstein.