General information

The aim absentia-remote branch is to prepare highly qualified specialists in "Law", "Finance", "Accounting and Auditing", "Personnel Management and Labor Economics", "Philosophy".

On-distance correspondence department of the University of Daniel King has about 1000 students.

Education process carried out by the student curriculum specific professional direction correspondence and schedule educational process.

Volume, structure i quality of knowledge and skills a student who is studying by correspondence, distance from the University of King Danylo meet state education standards are set for respective educational levels:
- "Bachelor"
- "Specialist"
- "Master"

Teaching process is zalikovo- during eye examinations twice a school year, according to information calls that students get ahead, and in the intersession period. Help call is the basis for providing students with additional paid leave.

Public examinations and defense of diploma and master's works are conducted on a general basis the State Examination Commission in terms defined curriculum in accordance with the regulations on the organization of educational process in higher education.

Graduates in absentia-remote branch of the University of King and Daniel are active in leadership positions in government and the system of governance at local and national levels.