For more than 20 years the University of King Danylo, a higher education institution of a new generation of private property, asserts itself on the market of educational services of Ukraine and Prykarpattya. During the years of its existence, it has grown and has achieved state recognition. Education at the University is carried out in accordance with the license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine series AE № 636723 from 19.06.2015 р.
There are 43 lecture halls, including one with an area of ​​185 m 2 enough to seat 100 - 150 students. There are also five production halls each with an area of ​​140 m2; three lecture rooms with an area of 130 m 2 (each with seating for 70-100); and 25 classrooms for seminars and workshops (seating for 20-25) each with an area of 60 m2.

King Danylo University is one of the few universities in Ukraine that is constantly improving, introducing new technologies and moving to the European educational level. The educational process at the university is adapted to the requirements of the modern labor market to ensure the development of innovative thinking in youth and future employment.
Main principles of the university are aimed at compliance with the standards of higher establishments of education of the European level; the high professionalism of academic teaching staff, the appropriate level of the educational process with the involvement of the practicing professionals; the foreign languages studying by the students; the constant strengthening of the material and technical base; the dynamic development of IT technologies; opening of new specialties, according to the requirements of modern Ukrainian and European society; promoting of student participation in grant projects and receiving the nominal scholarships by them; the international cooperation with the leading educational institutions of Europe; promotion of the graduate competitiveness not only in the Carpathian region, but also in the whole Ukraine and beyond its borders.


  • innovative teaching methods, teachers-practitioners and leading researchers;
  • modern multimedia equipment;
  • cooperation with employers  on internship and further employment of graduates;
  • active student government , constant support of students and assistance in the realization of creative projects and professional skills;
  • collocated university facilities in the heart of the city;
  • flexible system of tuition fees and deferred payment plans;
  • tuition discount for academic achievements;

Welcome to the King Danylo University and the University College!

There are many opportunities before you. College is an exciting period of new discoveries, trials, interesting and unforgettable moments. You may choose to study in economics, law, architecture, design, advertising, management or IT-technologies. You will learn to analyze changes in social development and to make insightful decisions. Knowledge is the most precious wealth! Form your ideas, set your goals and use your skills to achieve your dreams. Choose a profession and a future job that is your passion. Love what you do and your job will become your hobby. I wish you strength, patience and wisdom. Learn, improve yourself and become successful experts and leaders.