The Faculty of Law carries out training of specialists for educational degrees "bachelor" and "master".

Educational process at the Law Faculty is provided by the following Departments: 1) Theory and History of State and Law; 2) Criminal Law and Procedure; 3) Civil Law and Procedure; 4) Theology, Common Law and Social Studies named after the UAS Academician Ivan Lutskyi 5) Translation and Linguistics.

A courtroom and a criminalistics laboratory are equipped in the University to hold workshops for prospective lawyers.

A legal clinic functions at the department. Its key goal is to overcome a gap between theoretical and practical education by developing students’ legal skills. Provision of free legal services to law-income residents of Ivano-Frankivsk region is one of the tasks of the office.

The graduates of the Law Faculty hold positions in the courts, prosecutor's offices, the Interior Ministry, Security Service, DFS engaged a lawyer and notarial practice, working in the local executive authorities and local government, legal services companies, institutions and organizations, teaching legal disciplines in higher legal education establishments


The faculty can be considered unique because it trains specialists of the three leading economic specialties and two in the service sector: «Entrepreneurship, trade and stock-taking activity», «Finance, banking and insurance», «Accounting and taxation», «Hotel and restaurant business» and "Tourism" according to educational and qualification levels "Bachelor" and "Master".
The educational process and scientific work are carried out by the basic departments, research institutes, journalism laboratories, computer programming laboratories, student clubs and student societies.
Future employment: the main place of work of graduates in the specialty "Accounting and taxation" are small, medium and large enterprises of private and state ownership, commercial banks, audit firms, investment funds and companies; specialty "Entrepreneurship, trade and stock-taking activity" - positions of managers in entrepreneurial structures of various forms of ownership; Specialty "Finance, Banking and Insurance" - financial management of the state administration, city financial management, territorial bodies of the State Treasury of Ukraine, tax authorities, Pension Fund of Ukraine, State Employment Service, State Property Fund of Ukraine, budgetary institutions, banking and financial institutions, insurance companies, enterprises of various forms of ownership. Specialists from the "Hotel and Restaurant Business" and "Tourism" can work in travel agencies and tour operator firms, able to lead the work in hotel and tourist complexes of various types (motels, campings, bootes, flats), sanatorium and resort institutions, boarding houses, holiday homes , dispensaries, sanatoriums, restaurants of various types (restaurants, bars, cafes, etc.), work as guides and guides.


In today's conditions of intensive development of human society, the expansion of cities and the rapid transformation of the habitat, the profession of the architect, which has been known since ancient times, is very popular. The prestige of this specialty is not only that it is very popular and popular, but also extremely responsible and difficult to master. The genial architects did not start immediately - dozens of years are needed to create something incredible!

The main principle of the Faculty is not only in the preparation of planners, designers, engineers in their theoretical content, but also in the training professionals, who are able to integrate into modern Ukrainian and world market industry of wide range design, architectural and engineering services.

Faculty trains experts capable of solving professional tasks in the field of architecture, construction, landscaping, restoration, design planning. The Faculty consists of three departments: 1) The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning; 2) The Department of Construction; 3) The Department of Design, where students can graduate with their Junior Specialist, Bachelor, Specialist’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning, Construction and Civil Engineering", "Design"; Master’s degree in Architecture and Urban Planning; and Ph in Architecture and Urban Planning.
In the Faculty operates design, architectural and planning offices, main purpose of which is to improve students’ practical skills for designing structures, designing and implementation of interiors, landscape designing and for construction.
At the departments, there are educational workshops where students gain practical skills by performing academic projects and real orders under the guidance of practicing architects, constructors and designers.
Graduates of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction work successfully in planning, designing, and construction companies, including government institutions and local self-government institutions, in various positions.


In its activities, the faculty is guided by the tasks of transformation of humanities in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Education", the program "Education of the XXI Century". This process requires the use of up-to-date techniques and advanced training technologies. The faculty has three departments: the Department of Theology and Sociology of Sciences named after Academician UAN Ivan Lutsky; Department of Translation and Philology; Department of Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, which trains specialists in specialties: "Theology", "Philology (English language)", "Journalism (specialization: Advertising and Public Relations)".
"Theology" - this is a very deep specialty, to choose which should be treated with special responsibility. In addition to biblical, dogmatic, liturgical, patristic and moral theology, canonical and ecclesiastical law, students study philosophical disciplines, church history, sacred art, etc. Much attention is paid to the study of both classical and modern foreign languages.
The theoretical material is taught using e-learning courses, books, audio and video lectures. The acquisition of practical material by using workshops, debates and seminars for video conferencing. At the request of the students are able to complete communications with teachers, obtaining the necessary consultation mode off- and on-line. Training also provides extensive system of individual classes of students with teachers.
Upon graduation, excellent opportunities are opened for graduates. They can work as teachers of theological and religious studies disciplines, church administrators, religious experts in the media, advisers and consultants at various departments and institutions, specialists in humanitarian policy departments, religious and charitable NGO workers, etc.
"Philology (English)" - a specialty for training highly qualified specialists with the most extensive coverage of philological sciences. Training in this field enables students of the University of King Danylo for substantial knowledge in the future to find a promising job in government and commercial companies of any type, including foreign. Specificity allow the profession to work remotely, have a flexible work schedule.
Our graduates - are specialists for ensuring interlingual communication, possessing linguistic, communicative and professional competence in the field of translation state language, the basic language and an optional second foreign language.
The venue of the graduates of this specialty can be organizations and businesses of all sectors and ownership, educational and cultural institutions, the media, which require skilled translators from English and German languages, high school teachers, editors, specialists in business communication and so on.
"Advertising and communication with the public" is a strategically necessary specialty, as the world today is on the brink of globalization. Students who receive a specialist education in advertising and PR will have a huge future. A public relations specialist is a professional who can create an attractive image of any person, product, institution or organization in the public eye. He builds an effective relationship with the authorities, consumers, partners and society as a whole.
Specificity of activity specialist PR is largely due to the fact that the market potential employers incredibly wide and varied. PR-department organized in all Western companies working on the Ukrainian market, as well as many Ukrainian companies and almost all media. Media Business today can not exist without the specialists in public relations - their work is so important in the system of media and communication. Demand for PR also increases dramatically during the preparations for the elections. PR specialist can find a job in the media (press office), the trading company (department of public relations and advertising services), PR-agencies (Analytical Department).
Thus, in the course of study all graduates of the humanitarian faculty acquire:
- conceptual knowledge adapted to the current requirements of the labor market;
- critical thinking skills for solving complex problems;
- Ability to carry out scientific research and to carry out innovative activities in their professional direction.
The high level of requirements for the educational standards of the modern globalized world necessitates the active introduction of the best achievements in the sphere of organization and development of the newest forms of providing high-quality education in the domestic educational space. The content of the curriculum, the system of organization of the initial process at the University promotes the development of creative thinking and communication skills of the students of the faculty, which is an important component for obtaining the necessary professional competences.


The faculty trains bachelors and masters in the specialty 121 Software Engineering.

The faculty has concluded cooperation agreements with well-known IT companies software developers: Eleks, SoftJourn, SoftServe. These companies are part of 100's best outsourcing IT companies in the world (the results of the international rating of IAOP The 2015 Global Outsourcing 100).

The faculty is involved in the organization and holding of the largest IT conferences in the city of IT Rally and IT Rally Starters.

This collaboration allows the faculty to conduct training in accordance with the needs of the modern market and receive relevant information on world trends in the industry. Students studying at the Faculty have the opportunity to learn from experienced and certified practitioners, take industrial practice in international IT companies, participate in real projects on software development and testing, as well as internships and placements in the best and largest IT companies. . Students, thanks to their intelligence and persistent learning, are the main potential for the development of the IT industry in Ukraine.