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WWII University of King Danylo!


Your strength is faith in yourself.
Your freedom is responsible for your own development.
Your abilities are a culture of self-creation
A. Smolovyk

For many years, the College has determined the stability, high professionalism of the scientific and pedagogical team and its focus on innovation activities. The institution is aimed at creating the most favorable conditions for the development of each individual.

The main task of the teaching staff - constant work on raising the level of knowledge of students and their professional development.

Implementation of the idea of ​​person-oriented learning and education gives positive results, which are confirmed by the success of students in city Olympiads, regional and national competitions, festivals and sports tournaments. Our credo: teaching - educating, educating - teach.

I wish you all successes, creative work and high upsurge.

Welcome to cooperation!

Sincerely, Director of the College
Inna Danylyuk (Varvaruk)

Danyluk Inna V. Danyluk Inna V. - the director of the College of the University of King Danylo, candidate of philological sciences, associate professor of the department Gogol Vasyl Romanovich Gogol Vasyl Romanovich - Deputy Director of the College of the University of King Danylo Halytsky


Volosyanko Ivanna Vasylivna - Deputy Director of the College of Organizational-Educational Work


2007-2012 - Institute of Philology of the State Pedagogical University "Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University", specialty "Ukrainian language and literature".
2012 - 2018 - Vovchinetska Secondary School of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council, a teacher of Ukrainian language and literature and a group of prolonged days.
2018 - and still - a teacher of the Ukrainian language and literature of the King Danil University College.
Professional skills:

  • experienced PC user (MS Office, Outlook Express, Internet);
  • knowledge of the latest teaching methods;
  • problem approach to submitting the material;
  • possession of modern scientific and pedagogical methods of teaching Ukrainian language and literature;
  • knowledge of foreign languages: English, Russian.


Viktoriya Finov - Deputy Director of the College of Educational Work


2009-2014 р. - Institute of Philology of the State Pedagogical University "PNU them. V. Stefanyk "(Master of Philology with honors).
2010 - 2014 р. - Faculty of Law, LvVUUV (bachelor of law).
2014 - 2018 р. - post-graduate student of the Department of Ukrainian language of the Faculty of Philology of the Dvnz Institute of Precarpathian National University named after. V. Stefanyk ".
2014 р. Is a journalist, and later a literary worker of the newspaper "KZ" Podvorya Zvony. "
2014 - 2017 is a teacher of world literature, and later the foundations of Christian ethics of Dobrovlyansky NPC I and III degrees.
2015 - 2017 р. - the leader of the circle "Linguistics" of Voynilovsky Central State Pedagogical University of Kalush District Council. For the period of work, 3 scientific studies have been prepared, victories have been won in the competitions-defense stages І, ІІ and ІІІ.
2017 - and still - the teacher of the Department of Translation and Philology of the King Danylo University.
Additional Information: 2012 is volunteer work by the editor of the magazine "MOVE".
2016 is an internship at the Department of Ukrainian Studies at the Warsaw National University.
Personal qualities: responsibility, demanding oneself, punctuality, stress resistance.

The College of the King Danylo University is a structural unit of the University.
Students at the College are studying for 3 years. Admission to the 1st year is carried out in the presence of basic general secondary education. After graduation they are awarded an educational qualification level "junior specialist".
Graduates of the College have the opportunity to continue their studies at the University for their specialized specialty for obtaining the "Bachelor", "Specialist" and "Master" educational qualification levels. To do this, college graduates submit applications and documents to the Rector of the University in accordance with the list determined by the admissions committee. Enrollment is carried out at the 3rd year of the university according to the rating system.
The Specialties
The Specialties - “Architecture and Urban Planning,” “Design and Construction” and “Civil Engineering” equip students for careers as project engineers, construction engineers, university assistants, technologists, construction managers, architectural engineers, engineering equipment specialists, computer graphics engineers, photographic and packaging design artists, graphic designers, and interior designers.

Software Engineering
To ensure the educational process, the College has formed a sufficient fund for educational and reference literature, instructional materials. The teaching staff of the college is the pedagogical and scientific-pedagogical staff of the college, the corresponding departments and the general departments of the university, the specialists of the higher category with significant work experience, which provide the best conditions for obtaining the students of educational qualification level "junior specialist".

Morale building
A lot of attention is paid to the educational hours of students, instruction on self-training of students for studies, attention is drawn to the ability to organize the culture of mental labor, to correctly determine the order of work, to use time rationally, to emphasize the ability to maintain attention during the class. Teachers contribute to the education of mutual respect, mutual control and self-esteem.
Students of the College also take an active part in the University's scientific, cultural, sporting and student life.

The implementation of educational activities at the College of the University of King Danylo in 2016 year is carried out in accordance with the license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (series AE No. 636723, date of receipt - 19.06.2015).
The College of Law at Ivano-Frankivsk King Danylo Halytskyi University provides instruction in the following specialties:

081 Law
072 Finance, Banking and Insurance
121 Software Engineering
191 Architecture and Urban Planning
192 Construction and Civil Engineering
022 Design