The University of King Danylo collects training courses for arbitration managers (property managers, sanitation managers, liquidators).


Training period - 1 month (November 1-30). Cost - 5000 UAH

Requirements to the entrants full higher legal or full higher economic education and work experience in a specialty not less than three years.

As a result of study is issued a certificate of training in the field of restoring the debtor's solvency or recognizing it as a bankrupt.

List of documents to be submitted for training courses for arbitration managers:

  1. Statement (to be completed at the University).
  2. A document on full higher (economic or legal) education (original or certified copy).
  3. Copy of passport (1,2 page and registration place).
  4. Copy of the work record (certified by the place of work).
  5. Folder with ribbons.

76018, Ivano-Frankivsk city, st. E. Konovalets, 35.

Phones for reference (0342) 71-77-40; 050-20-37-450; 097-20-60-174 (Zhukevich Igor Vasilievich)