The scientific and research work that are an integral part of King Danylo University is integrated into the educational curriculum. This helps prepare highly qualified specialists capable of developing the education and scientific expertise of Ukraine.

The teaching staff of the University cooperates with the leading institutions of Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Great Britain, Germany and other countries. Representatives of government departments and agencies and local authorities also participate in the University’s research.

Each year the University holds a number of all-Ukrainian, regional and inter-university scientific conferences, roundtable discussions, and scientific and hands-on workshops.

The following events have already become a tradition at the University:

  • “Problems and Perspectives of Project Development: Theory, Practice, and Innovation;”
  • “Strategies for Introducing Legislation in Ukraine: Philosophical, Legal, and Historical Characteristics;”
  • Interuniversity Scientific and Practical Conference "Current state of development of the economy of management and advertising activity of Ukraine"
  • “The Commonwealth Sciences: Architecture, Economics and Law;”
  • “Informal Roundtable Discussions;”
  • “Theoretical and Practical Problems of Criminal Law and Process Improvement;”
  • Reporting teaching and student scientific and practical conference "Science and education of the XXI century", etc.

The University faculty and students take an active part in all international and Ukrainian contests and competitions with significant achievements made by:

  • Myroslav Ivanovych Lutskyi and Mykola Mykhailovych Matskevych - Saint Volodymyr Prize Winners;
  • Yana Liakhovych - the Winner of the International Taras Shevchenko Language and Literary Contest held among students;
  • Tetiana Harhat and Yana Liakhovych - the Winners of Petro Yatsyk International Contest in Ukrainian Language;
  • Viktoriia Kitseliuk and Nazarii Shkvarchuk - the Winners of all-Ukrainian Students’ Scientific Works Competition.

The members of the faculty along with post-graduates and students of the University have the opportunity to publish their scientific works in the school’s professional digest - King Danylo University Scientific Information Bulletin.

The Undergraduate program features the following specialties:

  • 051 "Economy"
  • 081 Law
  • 191 Architecture and Urban Planning

The University also can approve the choice of a thesis and create a dissertation committee to evaluate the oral defense as part of obtaining a Doctoral degree in Law with specialties in:

12.00.01 "Theory and History of the State and Law; History of Political and Legal Studies"

12.00.03 "Civil Law and Procedure, Family Law; International Private Law"

The scientific research work at the University is organized and coordinated by the Vice-Rector of Scientific Work and the Department of Scientific Research.

The general University's scientific work is currently managed by Ostrohliad Oleksandr Vasylovych He presented his dissertation for his Doctorate degree in Law in 2007 at the Odessa National Law Academy and in 2011 was conferred as an Associate Professor (by a Decision of the Certification Board at the Ministry of Education of Ukraine dated January 20, 2011, Minutes No.2/53-D.) Dr. Ostrohliad was named “Young Scientist of the Year” in 2011 by the Head of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration and the Head of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council and is the author of more than 100 scientific works including two study guides.

One of the most significant areas in educating future scientists and highly qualified specialists is the scientific research work performed by the Students’ Scientific Community. The University’s Department of Scientific Research creates optimum conditions for engaging talented youth in scientific work helping to teach students the connection between scientific work and the academic process.