The Scientific Research Institute (SRI), named after academician I.M. Lutskyi, was established under the order of the Rector 3№ 50 – VK dated 30.12.2010 with the stated purpose of:

The purpose of the Research Institute is:

  • forming a high skilled academic staff able of conducting scientific research
  • developing themes for scientific research papers relevant to the needs of Ukraine and the Precarpathian region
  • producing high quality, timely scientific research

The primary responsibilities of the Scientific Research Institute include:

  • implementing the scientific agenda of the University, Ukraine and the Precarpathian region as well participation in nationwide and international projects, programs and grants
  • organizing scientific research in the fields of economics, law, and architecture and construction based on established priorities with the goal of mainstreaming scientific activity in the University
  • creating an on-line version of the card file for the scientists in the SRI
  • enhancing and implementing the annual work plan of the SRI
  • actualizing the work plan of the SRI which is prioritized according to most significant problems and current scientific events
  • formulating information on the volume, appeal and the status of scientific research papers in the execution phase
  • preparing a summary of the scientific research papers of the University and their implementation
  • developing advertising to expand the scientific research work of University
  • making suggestions on mass media publications and materials to use to publicize the University’s scientific work
  • analyzing the scientific research work and data resources of the University
  • putting into practice material from scientific research papers as selected by the Ministry of Education and Science and allowing for information sharing of the results
  • making suggestions on establishing cooperative efforts with scientific research departments at universities and scientific research institutions
  • participate in establishing scientific relations of the University with other universities and research institutionsestablishing relations with international scientific and technical groups, to facilitate the implementation of common scientific research projects and publish scientific articles and monographies on the results

The research institute of church-canonical and state-legal problems of the University of the Academy of Sciences of the King Danylo University is headed by the candidate of science, associate professor Lutskyi Roman Petrovich


Director of the Research Institute
PhD, Associate Professor
Lutskyi Roman Petrovich


Head's assistant Research Institute
PhD, Associate Professor
Knysh Vitaly V.