According to the Regulations, Scientific Association of Students of the University of Daniel King is a voluntary social organization of university student government, uniting students who do research work.

The scientific society of students in their work is guided by the principles of collegiality, voluntariness, publicity, self-government for the development of scientific creativity of students, accumulation and multiplication of the scientific potential of the University of King Danylo and the training of future scientific and pedagogical staff.

The purpose of the Students' Scientific Society is to promote the quality of the training of specialists. Achievement of the set goal is carried out by solving the following tasks: attracting students to scientific activity at the earliest stages of studying at the university; assistance in raising the quality of professional training and qualification level of future specialists; increase of theoretical level and practical significance of research work of students; expanding the outlook and scientific erudition of students, acquiring their skills in scientific activity and improving their own knowledge; formation of conditions for the disclosure of scientific and creative potential of students; popularization and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the student environment; coordination and control of the activity of student scientific circles; organization and conducting of various organizational mass and student scientific events: scientific conferences, seminars, round tables, competitions of scientific student's works, olympiads on disciplines, etc.; Informing students about conferences, seminars, contests; engaging students in conferences, contests, scientific workshops, round tables; assisting in the publication and implementation of the results of student research; ensuring cooperation with students' scientific societies of other educational institutions, studying domestic and foreign experience in organizing research work of students when communicating at seminars of different levels and using the Internet with the introduction of advanced forms and methods into their work; informing the public about its activities; Making suggestions on encouraging students and teachers involved in the research work of students.


Grigorovsky Andrei Romanovich


Lompas Bogdan Mikhailovna


Skyrchuk Vladislav Vasilievich


Hermann Christina Mikhailovna


Lukach Vitali Ivanovich


Fedorishin Lubava Petrivna


Parasyuk Ilona-Anna Sergeyevna