All-Ukrainian Olympiads for Professional Admission of Entrants on the Basis of Full General Secondary Education
PVVZ King Danil University

This Regulation is developed on the basis of the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 21.12.2016 No. 1587 "On Approval of the Regulations on All-Ukrainian Olympiads of Higher Educational Institutions for Professional Admission of Entrants on the Basis of Complete General Secondary Education," "Conditions for Admission to Studies in Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine in 2019 Year », Approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 11.10.2018 No. 1096 and the Rules for admission to the King Danylo University, approved by the University's Academic Council from 28 December 2017 Protocol No. 5.

I. The general part

  1. The Regulations determine the procedure for organizing and holding the All-Ukrainian Olympiad of King Danylo University (hereinafter referred to as the Olympiad, Olympiads) for the professional orientation of entrants on the basis of basic and complete secondary education.
  2. Olympiads in different directions are conducted annually among the students of 9-11 classes of institutions of general secondary education, graduation groups / courses of vocational and higher education institutions of the I-II level.
  3. The main tasks of the Olympiad are the discovery of gifted apprentices, assisting them in choosing a profession, bringing them to the University of King Danylo (further referred to as the University) and its structural divisions: King Danyll University College and the Finance and Commerce College. C. Grenada
  4. The Olympiads are an incentive for students / students to develop a creative attitude to an subject outside the educational program, manifestation of the ability to independently search for additional information in the field of reference, popular science literature and on the Internet.

II Organization and holding of the Olympiad

  1. The organization of the organization conducts the organization and conduct of the Olympiad, as well as control over compliance with the requirements of this Regulation, ensuring transparency of the procedure and protecting the rights of participants.
  2. To compile the tasks of the Olympiad and determine the winners, the organizing committee creates a jury, which includes experts in the field. Members of the jury provide a scientific level of the content of tasks and their non-disclosure until the moment of promulgation.
  3. An appeal committee is created for appeal by the organizing committee of the Olympiad. The decision of the appeal committee is fixed in the minutes of the meeting of this commission and is given for familiarization to the applicant.
  4. The composition of the organizing committee, the jury, the appellate committee of the Olympiad is approved by the order of the rector.
  5. The organizing committee is obliged to inform institutions of general secondary, vocational and higher education of the 1st and 2nd rd area no later than a month before the Olympiad. region (region), as well as post relevant information on the official website of the University www.iful.edu.ua

Two weeks before the holding on this resource will be open access to exemplary tasks of the Olympics.

  1. Participants of the Olympiad have the right to get acquainted with the answers (tasks) of the tasks and with the preliminary results of the inspection before the final results are finalized.
  2. Olympiad takes place in two rounds. Both tours are eye-witnessed and conducted in the form of computer testing of knowledge, during which the participants perform tasks to choose the correct answer from the 4-x proposed.
  3. Participants of the Olympiad receive tasks and give them an answer in the state language.
  4. In the execution of tasks, it is prohibited to use directories, dictionaries, tables, maps, computing devices, electronic equipment, communication tools (Internet, mobile phones, etc.), except for the means officially authorized by the organizing committee and jury.
  5. The winners of the Olympiad are determined in personal championship.
  6. The funds of individuals, enterprises, institutions, organizations, funds and other voluntary contributions, etc., are attracted for the Contest.

ІІІ Conditions of registration of participants

  1. Participants in the Olympiad are invited to graduate students of institutions of general secondary education, persons who have received a full secondary education before or have the right to receive a document on full comprehensive secondary education in the school year of the Olympiad (students / students of vocational and higher education institutions and -ІІ р.а.)
  2. Participants of the Olympiad are registered electronically at the site of the University of King Danylo in the section "Olympiad". The procedure foresees submission of the application of the established sample to November 10 of 2018 year at the address: ivanna.babetska@iful.edu.ua with a note "At the Olympics". During the 2-3 days from the moment of sending the application to the specified e-mail address of the participant, confirmation of its registration is received.
  3. Participation in the Olympiad is free of charge. Other expenses (travel, accommodation, meals, etc.) are paid by the participants themselves.
  4. Participants of the Olympiad must have a passport or other document with photo to confirm their identity.

  1. IV. Selection and award criteria and public control
  2. In each round the participant is invited to perform 50 test tasks with the choice of one correct answer from the 4 proposed. Runtime is 1 hour. Each correct answer is estimated at 2 points. The result is scored on a scale from 0 to 100 points.
  3. Participants who have scored at least 75% points in the first round are allowed to participate in the second round.
  4. If the certificate for a discount is received by a participant who is not a graduate of KSSO in this academic year, the validity of the certificate will be retained during the next year.
  5. In order to encourage the attention of creative mentors - teachers, leaders of literary studies, associations and circles, whose pupils occupy prize-winning places.
  6. Public organizations have the right to oversee the conduct of the Olympiad. The University is obliged to create the appropriate conditions for the presence of public observers at the Olympiad. Public observers have the right to familiarize themselves with the objectives of the Olympiad exclusively after its conduct.
  7. Additional issues related to the conduct of the Olympiad, which are not regulated by this Regulation, shall be decided by the organizing committee in accordance with the established procedure.