The Department of Assistance to Employment of Students and Graduates will help you find an interesting and beloved job as soon as possible.
The department maintains a mutual cooperative relationship between the university and the students and graduates to assist them in various areas such as:
employment; exam preparation; and, obtaining addition education in universities throughout the Carpathian region, Ukraine and abroad.
The department also establishes and maintains contacts with potential employers to facilitate employment opportunities for students and graduates.
The main activities of the department include:
marketing graduates to the labor market, cooperating with regional employment centers on unemployment problems; organizing and conducting job fairs and presentations to firms and companies to assistance in the recruitment of students and graduates; supporting student organizations working to improve employment opportunities, informing students of job opportunities, and helping students write resumes and prepare for interviews; organizing practical workplace training for students; concluding agreements with enterprises, organizations and institutions for targeted training, placement and internships; and, clarifying provisions of policy and regulations on employment and internships to students.

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