The student of the King Danilo University, Adriana Bzova, has become a member of the 22 session of the Euro Study Council "EU Study Days", a project of the Delegation of the European Union.

The school was held in 7-10 in December and was held in the city of Poltava. Among the 43 participants were representatives of the most famous universities of Ukraine. The school was in lecture and active discussions. Participants had the opportunity to listen to such topical topics as: "EU and Ukraine Economic Policy" (EUWA), EU Programs, Projects, EU Information Resources "," Fighting Corruption at the Local Level "," European Integration of Ukraine in the Context of Economic Reforms " "," European Integration of Ukraine and Combating Corruption: Experience of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine "and others. Also, various interactions, networkings and group work were conducted. An interesting excursion to Poltava was held for the participants and presented not only new and necessary knowledge but also a great mood throughout the session!